Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Real McKenzies "Shine To Burn"

(Fat) The album is not to be confused with the "Burn to Shine" series of DVDs where bands play live sets in houses and then destroy them (although this live set has the band destroying the house they are playing) and the band is not to be confused with the very real Bob and Doug McKenzie (although this band can clearly outdrink the perpetual-beer-in-hand Great White North-ers). This Scottish bagpipe punk brings to mind the old Pogues tours where brave folk and punk fans would mingle in the crowd, and this album captures a loose, talented band that loves the stage, understands how to play their instruments (in addition to punked out drumming and bagpipery you get acoustic guitars, violin, mandolin, banjo, and I think I may have heard some kind of dobro plucking at some point), and wants everyone to have a good time. Keep it real, brĂ thairs!

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