Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spur "Of the Moments"

(Drag City/GZD) Though Plastic Crimewave has unearthed weirder and more historically revered artists in his cosmic travels/reissue projects, he's never dusted off anything of this amazing quality. This album recalls, but does not sound exactly like Byrds, Monkees, Grand Funkateers, and (on the 15 minute jazz rock psyche groove amble freakout "Tribal Gathering") benevolent aliens. What is coolest about this record is that I like it way better than almost any actual revered San Francisco 60s folk rock psyche landmark LP. And I'm not saying that in the asshole bullshit hate-what's-popular '"Bleach" is way better than "Nevermind"' dick move way, I mean seriously, this is better. There is a song on here called "Mr. Creep" which doesn't sound like a novel, quirky, unknown private release rarity, it sounds like it should have been the biggest radio hit of '68. Spur-tacular!

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