Sunday, September 19, 2010

Velcro Lewis Group "White Magick Summer"

It's hard for longtime Velcro fans (we call ourselves Velcheads) to not have a default ear when we hear his stuff, thinking pummeling boogie Southern rock truck crash music is on the menu. So hearing the soulful, yearning, pained, strange sounds here mingling with all the pummeling and the grit and the boogie-centric tendencies is pretty jarring. Primal, primitive, primate music abounds, but even when it hypnotizes with caveman vibes it still, both lyrically and emotionally, seems to have something real behind it. Velcro is sensitive? Perhaps his fog-stache is there to soak up his tears?n You will love this record. Or you don't understand neither the power of rock nor the pains a man's soul can feel.

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