Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Woven Bones "In and Out and Back Again"

(HozacGarage purists must be a little confused by the new wave of trashy guitar rock that eschews authentic 60s sounds (other than huffing the amorphous sonic clouds of the Velvet Underground), ignores the tactics of nostalgia-themed 80s garage re-creationists,  and has nothing to do with the metal undercurrent of the 90s Estrus garage revival. Like so many bands filling the grooves of HoZac 45s, the narrow walls of L.A.’s all-ages mecca The Smell, and even that haven for (a lo-fi version of) traditionalism, Memphis’ Gonerfest, Woven Bones won’t be covering “Dirty Water” or playing vintage Vox guitars. But they are definitely garage rockers. Beneath their spewed singing and swamp-mush production are the kind of hooks you can dance to (the main reason garage gigs usually have more females in attendance than other underground rock shows), teenage attitude, and more fuzz than all the peaches in China. This Austin via Florida combo has released a bushel of sought-after, sold-out singles (attributable, in at least part, to stunning design work on the sleeves) but  “In and Out and Back Again”  is not only excellent…it’s available! 

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