Friday, September 10, 2010

WZRD 35th Anniversary Show DVD

(WZRD) This DVD features single shaky camera footage (the best kind!) of all the acts at their big show. These include a bunch of crazed noise acts, including Illusions of Safety (who go throughly apeshit!), Realicide (who go gorilla shit!) and William Sides Atari Party (who goes at least chimp shit!), plus non-noise experimental acts like the underrated Eyes. Then it ends with a couple of "real" bands, the New Colony Six (not enthused, not dressed in Colonial garb, and not following the garage rock only philosophy of their recent killer Reggie's show) and a pretty intense set by the Effigies. I can only hope that the NC6 saw Right Eye Rita, Dental Work, Mark S and the insane Skarekrauradio and thought all young acts these days do theatrical, ridiculous, laptop and noise and screaming and thrashing dissonant non-music. Because in a better world, they would be right.

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