Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zisk #19

( The latest issue of my fave baseball zine is mostly devoted to celebrating, and in some cases denigrating, Ichiro Suzuki. While there's some great anecdotal, funny, oddball, and poetic stuff about him, the issue's one error (depending on the official scorer's ruling) is that it gets a little bit too much into the dry stats analysis that's in regular baseball magazines, and shouldn;t bog down inthe baseball magazine for people who hate baseball magazines. Also, amazingly for the last few years it never occurred to me that Ichiro wasn't pure Hall of Fame material, yet the discourse in this zine (including dry, boring stats) made me think twice. And I hate thinking twice. But Slink Moss' Ichiro comic made me go blissfully brain numb again! Slink and Ichiro rule!

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