Friday, September 17, 2010

Crawlspace "Ignorance is Bliss"

(Gulcher) Crawlspace was some kind of mischief/hardcore free/party punk band that should have been around in the 70s playing with VOM but somehow didn;t come into existence until the late 80s. The great thing about this kind of shambling, driving, imperfect, irreverent bar rock is that it doesn't have to get worse with age...unless the musicians all of a sudden get really good. Which is not a problem here. I am much more impressed with guys in their 50s giggling about "69" and making confusing metaphors about monkeys in cemeteries than I would be if they were kids. This is true garage rock - rock played by dudes who have garages so they don't go crazy. I like my punk like I like my women -- sloppy and easy to play -- so I would crawl into this space any day.

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