Friday, September 17, 2010

My Life With Thrill Kill Kult "Sinister Whisperz - The Wax Trax Years (1987-1991)"

MVD ) A MLWTKK compilation in a strange, tasty fish because hearing these tracks bunched up it's hard to believe this is a real -- it feels more like a parody of something, or a comedy project. Obviously, being Wax Trax/Al Jourgensen connected in the mid-80s these cats couldn't be parodying Industrial Music because they were basically getting in on the ground floor - how can you parody something that doesn't exist yet? But with their absurdist Satanism (impersonating Kingfish from Amos 'n' Andy saying "Oh Lucifer" does not exactly make you as scary as Slayer), stringing together of silly movie samples (done so to belittle Our Lord on the classic "Kooler than Jesus"), and going balls to the wall with ridiculous excess (like the orgasm/torture screams/"I Live For Drugs" mantra on 'Daisy Chain for Satan"). I remember hearing this stuff in clubs and juice bars so obviously this was functional dance music and not novelty rock meant for the Dr. Demento show, but I can't think of another band that rose to the (modest) heights of the top of a (sub)genre that seemed to be completely making fun of the music and attitudes and audience the whole time. Or maybe they thought the audience was smart enough to dig the jokes. My recollection is that most of them were not. Pick this up and you will love and laugh...or I'm wrong and you will become a hedonist, drug addict Satan worshipper.

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