Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Rolling Stones 1969-1974 The Mick Taylor Years

(MVD) Spoiler Alert: Brian Jones dies. On this documentary DVD John Mayall, Robert Christgau, and some stars of the rock intelligentsia argue (persuasively, though it ain't too hard) that this is the greatest Stones age, breaking down the "Sticky Fingers," "Exile," and "Let it Bleed" albums (and "Honky Tonk Woman" single), the band's evolution into a mega-concert live act, and the creative input of a barely shaving Taylor. Highlights include footage of the Brian Jones memorial concert, images of the other Mick's amazing early 70s attire, and Mayall steadfastly refusing to second guess his decision to fire Taylor because he was preparing for the future by making the Bluesbreakers a drum and guitar free band, since bass, sax and harmonica bands were going to rule the 70s!

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