Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eric Clapton - The 1960's Review DVD

(MVD) When DVDs in this series (and related series) delve into the British whiteboy blues scene that got all the stones rolling back in the day it's usually kind of awesome because the core bands from those days never became the kind of superstars that turn down interviews. So in the case of guitar "god" Clapton you actually get to hear John Mayall break down the Bluesbreakers days, you get to hear original Roosters crow and Yardbirds squawk. That said, this really picks up steam when discussing the Cream days, not only because of the footage, the inclusion of the curveball "Wrapping Paper" single (a power-free song from the best ever power trio), and a feel for the dynamics of a great group with bad personal chemistry, but also because they have archive footage (ranging from '68-'05) of Clappy himself weighing in on the band. Obviously Clapton is not exactly a philosopher or a charismatic stage presence -- he lets his licks do the tricks -- so there's a limited value to hearing him talk, but even if you're not a fan this is a pretty good primer on why so many worship this false god.

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