Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leonard Cohen's Lonesome Heroes

(MVD) First I'd like to make a meaningless observation...Looking at the photos on this DVD if a Star Trek fan bought it by mistake thinking it was "Leonard Nimoy's Lonesome Heroes" I wouldn't blame him. This guy is a pair of elf ears away from of being "In Search Of..." things, Speaking of searching, you would have to be pretty deep Cohen cultist to need to see this documentary that deeply documents the poet/singer’s influences. It tells of the writers and folk singers (including Cohen loyalist Judy Collins, who appears in the film) and Grand Ole Opry stars that tunred LC into the Dylan/Jacques Brel/Serge Gainsbourg fusion that he was (though Serge is not included as a major influence). The Cohen "Under Review" DVD was actually pretty interesting because the literary content took the producers out of their classic rock wheelhouse, but this is a bit too much talk for my tastes.

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