Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shonen Knife "Live at Mohawk Place 2009 - The Ultimate Live DVD"

(MVD) I haven't seen Shonen Knife play for several years, and though this is one of my favorite live  and recording bands ever, I somehow never heard (or even heard of) their "Super Group" album that they were supporting with the tour documented on this DVD. That said, I'm pretty pleased to see how great this is. With only guitarist Naoko remaining from the original trio, this is a predominantly replacement band, but if 25 years into a act's reign they are forced to replace a rhythm section with young, hard playing, strikingly beautiful ladies I'm not ready to complain about it. The musicianship and energy, while somewhat antithetical to the innocence and rawness of early SY, is kind of thrilling, and even the new material holds up. I also like that the band who wrote the best ever bison song (sorry Nuge) recorded this live DVD in Buffalo!

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