Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stooge Pile by Seth Scriver

(Drawn and Quarterly(Guest Review by ROBERT DAYTON) Total goofballz. A cryptic, funny-as-all-get-out art book. When I say cryptic, I don’t mean that the funny is elusive. What I mean is that it may not be possible to pinpoint exactly why this is just so damned funny: it just is, know what I mean? This ain’t no pinpoint book, no no no, it’s full of airbrush renderings of- hey, waitasec, who airbrushes anymore? The real Seth does! Cartoony and colourful airbrush renderings of Canadian randoms, bums, characters, glad sacks, sacks of garbage, sacks of money that cause a duck to drool, and an imploding Garfield. Accurate lumpy portraiture. Mystery fun and loads of yuks. Some pretty next-door-neighbour level heady brews. Stooge Pile even contains a do-it-yourself section of Crafts that one can make at home, excepting that they are pure uselessness (pure delight/nonsense). One craft involves a live cat, a cat brush and drawings of goofy faces to put old cat hair on in a step-by-step classic craft book manner (right down to the bright construction paper backdrop). This is an art book that’s small enough to put in your back pocket with your hankie.

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