Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comics for Something, Mindful Eating (both by Drew Damron)

(http://comicsforsomething.com/) The well-named Drew drew a bunch of daily diary comics for his Comics for Something project and what's most impressive about them is how it demonstrates his skill as a writer, adept in the rhythm of comics, the structure of vignettes, and the impact of the last panel. John P. of King Cat Comix also had some nice diary comix in his last issue that really read well (unlike, say, Ben Snakepit and James Kochalka, who often sacrificed good writing in their daily diary comics), and Damron also shares John P's interest in Buddhism/zen/comtemplative comix...of which his eating comic is a good example. But unlike some cartoonier cartoonists, he also seems to be using the form to figure out how to be a better observational renderer, and his December 2011 comix are way better than his December 2010s!

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