Thursday, August 2, 2012

M.O.T.O. "Bolt!" "E. Plurbius M.O.T.O."

(Rerun) Paul C's masterful M.O.T.O. music making project has been in full effect since (at least) the mid-80s, and the recent thick vinyl reissues of two legendary cassettes from his first decade explain why he's a legend in New Orleans and Chicago and make it baffling that he's unknown everywhere else. I didn't discover him til around '92-'93, when the "E. Pluribus MOTO" tape came out, and I can tell you that tunes like "It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake," Straighten It Out," and "Cancer In My Dick" still give me a warm feeling in my (fingers crossed) non-cancerous dick. But every one of these two dozen poppy, no-fi, delightfully disturbing monsterpieces is classic. The '86 cassette "Bolt!" has lots of tunes he was still playing regularly five years later (and may still be), like "Dick About It" and "Astronauts," and it was a real pleasure to spin this over and over in the 21st Century on pretty black vinyl. Not sure if my turntable is fucked or if these have been mastered from aged, stretched cassettes, but the imperfect sound made these more perfect. Obviously!

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