Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boo Frog "s/t," "Better than the Rest," "Undead at Satyricon," untitled forthcoming album

( These wonderful West Coast weirdos recall the sound of the amazing first Beasts of Bourbon LP, and I know I've made that reference a lot, but it ain't cuz I'm lazy, it's because I consider that  a psychobilly landmark so special that any time I invoke it I am giving the highest praise. Track down that album if you can, or just do the next best thing and dig up the LPs, cassettes, CDs, and Soundcloud spookiness of these amazing muck makers. What I love about Boo Frog is that when the dude is on the mic the creepiness gets genuinely creepy; these 'billies can sound legitimately psycho! But when it's the lady singing there's a sprinkle of whimsy, but not that late-Cramps novelty whimsy, something more organic. That even holds for their straight up novelty song from a forthcoming album...which a tribute to our own Ratso! Yayyyy Boo!

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