Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Galactic Zoo Dossier #9

(Drag City) Plastic Crimewave undoubtedly produces his best issue yet, in part by making his own portrait illustrations, annotated comic book collages, and geeked out interviews (with Rodriguez, Poppy Family and Arthur Brown) more special by bringing in a cornucopia of other writers and illustrators (including Ave Spivak!), to give this psychedlic journal of celestial lowbrow-ism the kind of depth and texture that got lost when it was more of a one-man band. And Plastic’s curatorship of the insert CD this time takes his skills to new heights – what a crazy collection of international otherworldliness! Too many highlights in this issue to list, but I expecially like the tributes to Curtis Knight, John Byrne, Black Widow, Henry Darger, and Status Quo groupies.

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