Monday, June 3, 2013

Mechanical//Cabaret “Selective Hearing//Best of 2002-2012”

(WTII) Dark humored (or “humoured,” to match the deadpan Brit accent) synth wave that could have been called “Best of 1982-1992” and I would have believed them…didn’t I bob my head to “Disbeleive” at the Medusa’s juice bar while hating my parents in ‘87? “See Her Smile,” with its spare electro beats and flatly melodic vocals is apparently one of the best known tracks by this act, and I can hear why, but everything on here is good, and if John Hughes rises from the grave and makes living dead-dark re-makes of his films, these might make nice soundtrack pieces, as the thick black eyeliner teens should be falling in love to these sounds.

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