Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dolemite weird wobbler, Blowfly weird Wobbler

(Cult Collectibles) Though the Laff reissues may be the most historical activity Cult Collectibles has unleashed so far, co-credit MVD a bit for their release. But the bread and butter (outside of working on Dolemite’s legacy) of the CC bizness is releasing bobbleheads of exploitation movie figures. These have been ultra-obscure, mostly honoring the gory 80s horror films by Italian director Lucio Fulci (plus a doll celebrating the ultra-offensive pseudo blaxploitation film Black Devil Doll). But considering Cult Colectible's Mark Jason Murray’s relationship with Moore (he is his post-mortem biographer)  it’s no surprise that the real triumph of this series is Dolemite! Granted, this does not look like Rudy Ray Moore. Bobbleheads rarely are strong likenesses, as the balance of cartoony and portrait-y is super hard to negotiate. Few baseball bobbleheads triumph, and non-sports ones (other than cartoon-based ones) generally suck. There is no bigger Redd Foxx fan in the US of A than I, yet I CAN NOT buy the Foxx bobblehead because the likeness is so awful. But Moore’s pummeling pimp (he actually has a springed arm so his fist bobbles as well) looks like Dolemite thinks he looks – beautiful, with a smooth, rich complexion, and a trim, sexy figure. If there is a frame of film where Dolemite doesn’t act like he looks like this good I’ve never seen it. This is a triumph! It was followed by a Blowfly issue, and though Blowfly had some OK records back in the day (more misses than hits, as 3rd grade-level naughty word comedy has some funny deficiencies built in), but his dreadful current act, playing with an inept punk band, in a not cool inept way, is no way to go through life. But his bobbler is pretty boffo, so I recommend getting this instead of a new CD or concert ticket. 

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