Sunday, July 13, 2014

“Legends: Get it On,” “Legends: Crank It Up”

(StarVista/TimeLife/Rhino) Not owning, or knowing exactly the definition of, an “SACD” system, I can’t say if the audio remastering on thiese collections of 70s and 80s AOR hits is exceptional (fortunately it is a “Hybrid SACD,” so I can play it on my caveman-esque CD player). That said, who can argue with any comps featuring the Zombies, the Pretenders, Brownsville Station, T. Rex, Deep Purple, and the Troggs? That said, I can argue with these CD titles. “Crank It Up,” one must assume, would include loud, crank-able cuts, but even cranked up to 11.5 America, Jackson Browne, “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?,” and “Nights in White Satin” are still pretty goddamn quiet. And one would have to assume that “Get It On” would feature some get-the-van a-rockin’ boudoir sex jams, right? While I’m sure someone copulated to to the Dead’s “Casey Jones” and “Go Your Own Way” at some point, I think identifying overtly non-sex jams like “Spirit in the Sky” and sex comedy cuts like “Lola” as functional baby making music is blatantly false advertising.

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