Thursday, November 4, 2021

Awesome Snakes "Venom"


(Stand Up Records, 2021) If you didn't known this band's name you would easily be able to guess, as the majority of the songs are about things being awesome or about being snakes (which, I suppose, is awesome). This reissue of an early 2000s Midwestern ridiculous riff rock relic proves that nothing is as timeless as lo fi, stripped down, absurdist snake songs sung by a dude who sounds like Fred Schneider trying to be intimidating and a lady who sounds like she could sell an apple to Adam and/or Eve. A vinyl reissue (of what I believe was originally a cassette duplicated on someone's mom's Radio Shack Realistic© brand duo-deck stereo) is a glorious way to celebrate surviving a pandemic. The question is, can you survive a vintage snake attack?

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