Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scissor Girls “Are Dead! Long Live the SGs” DVD

( This is a reissue of an amazing DVD we reviewed years ago, finally released on a legit international label (from France!), and check out how our original review is either proven prescient or  worthless by the new release (you decide): "This is actually an amazing DVD and I’m surprised to be watching it on a DIY CD-R. I would expect that a dozen labels would be scratching each other’s eyes out to release this. The SGs were one of the most dynamic, important, thrilling bands that lead the way into the dissonant, noise no wave scene that now is so widely embraced by the underground a decade after the Scissor reign. This contains live shows at Chicago clubs (many defunct), experimental videos and appearances on local TV shows. Despite the lo-fi/no budget nature of this footage, the visually dynamic, frighteningly sexy/asexual, ultra-art school nature of the band (and the people with video cameras they knew) makes this never boring and always hypnotic.

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