Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Trouble "The Very Best of Big Trouble - 20 Years and a Million Beers Ago"

(Retrospect) Big Trouble apparently was a 90s hair band that sounds like a milder Poison. You know, a Poison that won't kill you, but might give you stomach troubles. Not to compare this music with diarrhea, as this is pretty fun stuff...way funner than diarrhea! "Circus" sounds exactly like the kinda song that would have a video in heavy rotation on pre-Nirvana MTV. The fact that this band came out at the same time as Nirvana when it was too late to sound like this is probably why they didn't get into as big a trouble as they should have. Includes, out of left field, a country ballad amusingly titled "Popcorn, Whiskey, and Beer."

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