Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Razorcake #62, #63, #64, #65, #66

(www.razorcake.orgThe highlight of #62: Obviously having Rev Norb make fun of post-princess-pummeling Ben Weasel is like having a Navy Seal sniper shoot fish in a barrel, but it sure is fun to read! #64 features a genuinely awesome photo of Shannon and the Clams rocking – if Shannon isn’t your current rock n roll crush you need to get your wiring checked. And #65 has them celebrate a decade in publishing the best way anyone could…risking Canadian Ragnarok by putting Nardwuar and Geddy Lee together! And #63 is awesome because Roctober is all over it! They rave about our new book and Roctober contributors put together an amazing history of Tutu and the Pirates! If there’s one thing I love about other magazines it’s being sort of like this magazine! Which points out something interesting about issue #66. In addition to presenting a bushel of contemporary band interviews with better layout and graphics than MRR has set precedent for, they also slyly let us know that they are five times better than us by putting out five issues to every one that we put out in the last 10 months!

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