Monday, July 25, 2011

The Millingtons "Play Like a Girl"

( Jean and June Millington were officially awesome not just because they were in the all lady rock band Fanny or because they were ridiculous beautiful (see the back cover of 1978's "Ladies on the Stage,"or better yet, the b&w portraits on the sleeve of 72's "Fanny Hill"), or because June was a queen of the Womyn's Music movement. The main reason for their magic was that their single "Charity Ball" was glam rock n roll boiled down to the simplest, catchiest, most chugging-along perfection. So it's magic to hear on their new album that in addition to still wailing as guitarists (especially the boogie solos on "Let Love Linger") they also have made the Fanny formula even simpler and more direct. The title track is so straightforward it's almost a cheer or a jingle, sounding like pure, potent, uncut rock n roll at it's finest. They get awesomer with age!

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