Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Corleone - 10 Years - Everythign I Own is Broken or Bent DVD

(Corleone) This DVD retrospective of a decade of damaged music demonstrates why Providence and RISD is better than New York and Pratt or Chicago and Art Institute. Every urban art school has some visionaries that branch off into avant garde multimedia messes, but for the last two decades (half of which Corleone has been keeping score) it has been Providence that has been making the most delicious noise, performance art, and ridiculously progressive animation (please forget the Family Guy has RISD roots and note that half the Cartoon Network lineup is just toning down the nutso animation and bizarre narratives of the Fort Thunder Providence era). And no noise band from anywhere else has rocked as hard as Lightning Bolt, or its heirs, which include Mindfalyer (who kill on this collection). Highlights of this DVD include Jacob Berendes defying gravity, Black Pus performing a muscular audio exorcism, Lorna Doom giving a pleasant tour of the city, Snake Apartment giving a stomach churning animated anatomy lesson, Fang Island playing for jumping pre-adolescents, The Body blurring out with their fury out, a cartoon of a chipmunk frolicking with a behemoth. There's also bonus live footage and a spectacular poster gallery of stunning Corleone-related work by some incredible artists.

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