Tuesday, April 17, 2018

George Strait "Pure Country" OST 25th Anniversary Vinyl

(MCA) Cracker Barrel apparently stopped carrying those candy-by-the-decade bags, where they bundled weird 50s or 60s or 70s or 80s confections that are still inexplicably being produced (who gets a sweet tooth, goes to a store, then chooses Necco wafers?). But they started carrying vinyl! And man did I wear this cassette out in 1992. The movie is super good: the guy from Friday Night Lights plays a villainous lip synching country "singer" who takes over for superstar George (I believe he is named Dusty in the movie) after our hero abandons the glitz of stadium Country concerts for the "pure country" of his down home roots. Then it ends with Dusty vanquishing the lip syncher (I think the line is "never show your face in Country Music again...") by getting back to basics...by playing Vegas! If I recall correctly, at the time Strait was being advised by Col. Tom Parker, so I attribute this to that. Anyhow, they songs were great, as George had the pick of the best Nashville songwriters as usual, but also had thematic license to make a few tunes with bombastic production, and he ends it with a weird version of the theme song sung by his tiny son in a cracking voice. This is a great album, including a song "Overnight Male," which is a postal worker version of George's first hit, "Fireman," and the killer, "Where the Sidewalk Ends." Note I did not one iota of Googling to research this, so all facts may be wrong...2018!

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