Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lally Scott "Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep" b/w "Henry James"

(Philips, 1970) Picked up this single mostly based upon Lally's bangs, and I got some serious bangs for my bucks (actually my yuan...it's a long story). The British Lally (who had a hit with "Chirpy" in Australia but saw other artists have bigger hits with it around the word) created an innocuously joyous schoolyard chant/glam goof that I listened to fifty time in a row. It is catchy and pleasant, like a head cold that makes you lightly loopy in a good way. The flip is apparently not about the Transatlantic proto-modernist novelist,  but rather about a shop with a lot of hot girls that work there, that he perhaps is fantasizing about owning. If this is a literary reference (Portrait of a Hot Lady Shopgirl, maybe?) I missed it, but the song is a scrambly, raveup, post-skiffle/psyche adjacent banger. According to the Internet Mr, Scott died in June 1977 in either a Harley or scooter accident. Hopefully he got to see Star Wars. Hopefully the Cantina band played "Chirpy chirpy" in their set at some point.

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