Saturday, January 4, 2020

Bloodstains Across Buffalo

(2014, Extra Evidence) I have known a number of genuinely demented "creatives" with Buffalo juice in their bloodstream, so I'm not surprised this '78-'82 punk/new wave/power pop/garage/trashrock comp is a magnificent mess. The Jumpers' "This is It" concussed me! Micky Mapp With Intro-Verse's "Please Police Me" is Happy Days-era rockabilly played by cartoon frogs! I tried to clean my stylus the first three times I played the Fems' Modern Lovers*-meets-a garbage disposal masterpiece "Go to a Party" (until I read the liner notes explaining that this was "mixed by baboons"). I actually dig the off key entries here, including the harsh "F.Y.Y.B" by New Toys which would make the Mentors request the guys tone it down a little, and Parousia's "Miss Ogyny," which apparently is a faux-new wave synth track by a Jethro Tull-ish prog band. "Go Go Go" by Electro-Man sounds like Weird Al trying to go straight, and failing. The Vores' "Love Canal" sounds like that fake hard rock song on the Cheech and Chong album. In addition to exquisite curatorship (assuming this isn't actually every punk single released in Buff-town pre-Thriller) I am most impressed with the liner note writer's harsh-assed critiques and outright dismissals of shitty b-sides, other bands in the scene, and the entire output of Electro-Man other than the one glimmer of greatness included here (explore the catalogue "only if you like rap rock songs about Kraft macaroni and cheese"). Before listening to this Buffalo, to me, was synonymous with losing four consecutive Super Bowls. But this comp proves that town had the goods to lose four consecutive Super Bowls of punk!
* based mainly on them saying "asshole" in as nerdy a cool guy voice imaginable, a la "Pablo Picasso."

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