Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tutu and the Pirates "Trail of the Great White Beaver"

(2013) This both legendary and obscure 70s punk band released a new album in the 21st century with a new sense of maturity,  as this is an album so refined, sophisticated, and cerebral that they pasted a dense bush of pubic hair to the cover (a scathing critique of Warhol's most notorious graphic design project, clearly). Also they think goofing about pussies, gay bars, and jacking off is fucking funny. And if you are dumb enough, and I mean gloriously, intentionally, brilliantly dumb, it is pretty funny. I suspect some of these songs were written back in their heyday, as there are two tunes about the disco craze (one including a premise involving a would be mass shooter, which even they may not have written in this era, and one a Bee Gees parody), but who cares how moldy these oldies are, they are as hysterical as they are historical. If punk had stayed this ridiculous we all would be better off, Danzig would be a lot be happier, and every album would have pubes!

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