Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Donnie Shafer "Banjo Riot" b/w "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

(TAD, 1973 or '74) Boy is this record good! Really just a furious bluegrass breakdown-get down 45, so not crazy different than any other great entry in the genre, but the A-side is a pretty pleasant composition for a boy barely Bar Mitzvah age (though as the sticker indicates, as conveyed by whomever was still trying to get airplay for this three years later as the Star Wars-era approached, he is "16 NOW" [possibly the stickers were put on by a DJ who was still spinning this, not a record plugger]).  Could not find out anything about him, and this single does not appear on Discogs (though a previous one by him does). He is not the son of Whitey "All My Exes Live In Texas" Shafer according to obits, and I can't find a 60 year old Donnie giving Youtube banjo tutorials. But this sure is a hoot!

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