Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Verboten EP

(2020, no label) Although I am the right age to have had the Verbten demo in 1983 I was not really into local punk and hardcore so much, though I was super-impressed that one kid in my school had an actual record out (Jay from Rights of the Accused). I have long been aware of Jason Narducy's Chicago punk lineage, but the semi-official next phase of this band (Verbow) was not my cup of tea, so I have not listened to this stuff prior to this year. Which was a mistake. This is a pure fucking joy! This fancy, overpriced (I felt stupid buying it at LP price until I heard it) 7" was released because a musical based on Jason's teenage band experience was being staged in Chicago. I heard mixed reviews from various Chicago punk lifers who had seen it, and the fact that they did not use any of these songs was one of their biggest gripes. I had tickets on the night they cancelled the world for Coronavirus, so I did not get a chance to judge it myself, unfortunately. But as far as these songs, bottom line is that even as a pre-pubescent Jason was a solid songwriter and had poppy, hooky tendencies that transcended any self-imposed limitations DIY punk often suffers from, and the fact that the band was little children makes the music more ridiculous and wonderful than could be expected. This includes a live track from Cubby Bear including stage banter that makes the Squeaky Voiced Teen from The Simpsons sound like Barry White, plus tons of great photos. For a special treat see the bands on local kids show Kidding Around. Fun fact: I tried to get on the show with some Metal kids in my neighborhood to sing the "Heavy Metal" movie theme song, and was rejected.

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