Sunday, May 31, 2020

Honey Ltd. "The Comlete LHI Recordings

(Light In The Attic/Burger, 2013)  You can't know everything, and I have no shame admitting had never heard a peep about these lovely Lee Hazlewood labelmates, who came out of Detroit in the late 60s and had one remarkable, ultra rare LP  (featured here plus some unreleased tracks). Being a few rock n roll rotations past the era of cookie cutter girl groups this is an act that fell halfway between the Ronettes and Fanny, with lush production celebrating their gorgeous voices but some rocking radical takes. The anti-Viet Nam "Warrior" starts out a little too pretty, which makes the heavy and soulful chorus stand out (and makes the killing and dying themes more striking). Obviously the Wrecking Crew tracks are tight AF, but there's still a couple of loose swings, including a slinky, seaworthy "Louie Louie." These women could SING and "I've Got Your Man" and "Come On Down" are welcome workouts. As Light In The Attic is known for, the vinyl comes packaged with such deluxe extras that I can't recommend it highly enough, but...

Artifact wise, I just really want to gush over the cassette version. Yes, the sound is worse, but I can fantasize about this group getting the airplay they deserved and listening to this on a shitty transistor radio, and sure the voluminous liner notes (with interviews with the whole band) are absent, but that lets me fantasize (of the actual reality) of this being an intriguing mystery group -- just seeing the gorgeous, glamorous photo in an iffy color xerox begs so many tantalizing questions. And this is packaged in a compact, light cardboard box that open on the side like James Bond offering a smoke to a sexy spy from a cigarette case. I love how this looks and feels so much, right down to it being hand numbered in my grandma's handwriting! 

Honey, Do!

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