Saturday, May 30, 2020

Rudy Ray Moore "The Streaker"

(Kent, 1976-ish) While many would be attracted (or repelled) to this album because of its photospread on the front and back covers of Rudy "streaking" (an activity that seems to involve nude backyard calisthenics) it is the naked creativity on the grooves that should draw you in. While this album oddly has two guest artists (Lady Reed delivering a substantial Man-ifesto on her philosophy concerning the weaker gender, and oddly, someone named Linda Broadcloth being given the last minute of the LP to tell a single dirty joke (punchline [spoiler alert]: "Yeah baby, you look into that tree you'll shit") it also delivers exactly what Rudy fans want, including a sequel to his immortal "Shine on the Titanic" toast. But what makes this record stand out are two weirdo sound experiments on side 1. "On "Sighs of Love," a rare studio track, Dolemite takes us into the the amorphous dream realm of a sleepy, ecstatic orgasm using echo-drenched electronic sound techniques, making this the most gloriously nasty psychedelic record of the Seventies. But more exciting is "Leprochon," where Rudy plays the dozens responding to the semi-decipherable insults of a Chipmunk-voiced leprechaun. What makes this even weirder is that it certainly seems to be a legit live recording, so Rudy likely had to stick to a precisely timed script to keep up with the pre-recorded speed-altered patter of his green nemesis. Did he perform with a puppet, or a midget, or his own Senor Wences-painted hand? I have not found a photo or description, so I have no idea, but man do I wish we had asked him about this in our interview years back.

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