Friday, January 1, 2010

Razorcake #53 (Gorsky Press,

To any American pre-Hot Topic punk rock purveyor Maximumrocknroll will always be the "punk bible" and the fact is you can 't have a new Bible. But that's not to say that Quran or the Book of Mormon don't often have better writing, cooler readers, and more rad scene reports than the Holy Torah. I really dig the whimsy of Razorcake columnists like Rev.Norb, Nardwuar (who meets Nas this issue) and the confounding Rhythm Chicken, and this issue also has a pretty nice "oral history"-style investigaton in to the death of Mordam distro and the disaster of the Lumberjack distribution would be-empire. And as a bonus the psycho interview with Nobunny is basically 6 pages of promo for Roctober and Chic-A-Go-Go and he gives us "mad props."

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