Friday, January 8, 2010

Street Eaters "We See Monsters" (Bakery Outlet)

Delicious-er than donuts! This record makes me feel like a fraud trying to review records because I can't stop listening to it, I genuinely love it, and for the goddamndest life of me I can't begin to describe it. It is definitely intense, and as a drum and bass and weird singing-only punk record it's its own thing, but that doesn't begin to tell you why this is good. It's heavy but not burdensome, dark but kind of joyful, weird but really catchy. I guess historically I have really been impressed with a lot of dude/lady two piece bands, but I actually couldn't tell what this configuration was the first 80 times I listened to it. Basically, I'll have what they're eating. On the street.

1 comment:

  1. To fully appreciate the eaters you need to see them live. The energy Josh and Megan bring is a true inspiration. By the end of the set your voice will be horse from singing (screaming), you'll be drenched in sweat from dancing (moshing) and your face will be thoroughly melted.