Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hinder "All American Nightmare"

(Universal/Republic) I was ready to cringe when I put this on...years of rap/rock, NuMetal. shit that sounds like Creed and bad, bad Ozzfest 2nd stage acts made me figure that a new major label rock record wouldn't actually have any rock on it. But this record is completely unoffensive to rock loving ears, as this band mixes Southern rock sensibilities and late Motley Crue production in a way that actually rocks. Sure, there's so missteps (an anti-rap/pro-rock song that starts out like that Everlast hit, and an anti-pop music diva song that is surprisingly pro-Madonna). But as long as they don't protest too much about how they rock harder than rappers and girls these Oklohomers are pretty unhindered.

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