Friday, October 21, 2011

Acid Witch "Stoned"

( There is nothing as awesome as whimsical Satanism -- which is not to imply that this brutal Detroit stoner metal (with Death-Metal-on-Sedatives tendencies) duo is a joke or a novelty act -- they are the real deal! It's just that songs like "Witchfinder Finder," "Trick or Treat," and "Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown" are just too damn joyful to be genuinely scary (even if those songs do include, respectively, rape, child murder, and listening to Fastway). I'm also feeling a contact high due to this amazing record featuring not only the greatest exorcism-themed cover painting ever, and an amazing band photo (of the dudes lighting up with the Acid Witch herself in their dungeon full of Walgreen's Halloween decorations, Eerie comix, vintage metal vinyl, and a VHS copy of Rocktober Blood), but also an actual die-cut, luridly colored Halloween decoration of the Acid Witch taking bong hits! It is hanging in my window right now, making false promises to jonesing teen trick or treaters. Did I fail to mention the music? Slow, evil metal incantations that never sounds like a Sabbath ripoff or those countless Man's Ruin stoner 10" records that you never take out of the sleeve after the first spin. This is fun, weird, heavy, spooky black magic! I declare it Treat!

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