Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wax Museums "Zoo Full of Ramones - The Singles 2006-2008"

(Tic Tac Totally) I love wax museums. I don't mean this  band, I mean I love actual wax museums, like the little shoddy ones off the highway saluting cowboy heroes or local history, or the ones on tourist wharfs or near Niagra Falls with Halls of Horror featuring monsters and torture (and sometimes KISS statues), or Halls of Living Art, with statues of the Last Supper or Norman Rckwell painting a self-portrait, or the amazing Blacks in Wax museum in Baltimore with its gruesome recreations of lynchings and injustice, or even the mega-big Madame Toussand ones. I just love weird, bad looking, take-a-picture-with-it portraiture. I also happen to love the Wax Museums for different, but not so different reasons. Basically, they create the sonic equivalent of a seductively off-kilter, slightly melting, weird wax portrait of 70s trash punk. This amazing comp of singles and unreleased tracks actually has me fantasizing about just such  a museum, where wax figures of Crime pull switchblades on shoddily-attired Dead Boys statues, while a Johnny Thunders figure perpetually teeters. Wax on!

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