Monday, March 3, 2014

Loud Comix #1, #2

(Birdcage Bottom) Loud is sort of a Southern, inbred cousin of Nix Comics, except instead of these rock ‘n’ roll tales having fantasy horror elements (give or take a few a few zombies, fairies and freaks), it’s all about real life horror. And instead of one writer employing a bunch of illustrators, here one inkslinger gets similarly-themed tales of debauchery from a bunch of writers (primarily musicians, most from acts in the periphery of the Confederacy of Scum-family of bands, who mix punk, Southern Rock, and evil). This formula could be a bad one if Jamie Vayda wasn’t so versatile, his inky amblings going from cartoony to darkly realistic to twisted to funny to psychedelic. Stories of murderous alcoholics, drug-fueled serial killing fantasies, huckster daredevilism, backwoods deformities, Karaoke nightmares, and ill-advised forays into Apollo Amateur Night make this new series one to look out for, look forward to, and to gloriously dread.

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