Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mason Summit “Absentee”

( The cover photo of an adorable teenage boy wielding a beautiful acoustic guitar and the skinniest jeans (or/and skinniest legs) ever invented seems like it could be a fake photo taken by some middle-aged band trying to represent something or another about youth, ambtion, and beauty. But when you listen to this music, despite the glossy production and mature musical sensibilities (that bounce from sunshine pop to bouncy rock to coffehouse angst to jazzy Bread-like production pop) it’s obvious that this is the product of a fresh, young talent who doesn’t yet know he’s not supposed to believe he can try and succeed with every idea he has. Summit avoids, but doesn’t reject, the gloriously worst aspects of teenage poetry, and most of his lyrics balance sincerity and cleverness like a circus juggler. If black skinny jeans will help me write songs this good I’m about to suck in my gut and going for it.

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