Monday, March 3, 2014

Nix Comics Quarterly #6

(Nix) Another issue of this horror/rock n roll anthology, with some serious highs and lows. The best things include a return of King Merinuk to these pages, with some tasty prison violence, and a great Behind the Music-meets-Creature Features story with dynamic artwork by Rich Trask, plus there’s another fine adventure by the Question Mark-meets-Kolchak recurring character The Vicar. On the down side, yet another sold-soul-to-Satan rock-n-roll story, which is not a theme that needs to be abandoned, per se, but this one is marred by unreadable boldface font. But overall, a mighty issue. Like EC comics, which were mostly written by one author, Ken Eppstein scripts most of these comics, and his wordy narratives (very EC-like), odd rhythm, and twist endings might be a weakness if they seemed to same-ish, but there is something genuinely strange about his writing, which means that this book never becomes a hacky cliché fest. Long live Nix, or if not, Long Shamble Nix’ Zombie!

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