Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Messthetics #107 D.IY. ’78-81 London III

(www.hyped2death.com) This may not be the best volume in this collection of Euro-post punk obscurities, but it once again makes collectors of American Killed By Death/or hardcore rarities seem like mentally retarded monkeys compared to their Brit undergorunders who seem incapable of making even their rawest d.i.y. punk be anything less than cerebral, challenging, and genuinely weird. My fave groove on here is the Twilight Zoners’ No Wave-ish “Twister, but I’m most impressed by the most rhythmically challenging roller skating song ever made (done by the delightfully named Jelly Babies). There are a few things that are a bit too pretty for my tastes (Avacados, Steppes) but there are also some barnburners on this, particularly the stuttering grit of Occult Chemistry’s “Water.” I cant think of any reason you would not want every one of these compilations that comes out.

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