Friday, December 9, 2011

Molten Rectangle #3, Sensation #1

( Booth (and everyone in his family) take film history/criticism/appreciation/spectatorship to the blissful purgatory between highbrow heaven (or hell) and lowbrow hell (or heaven) with MR's best-ever collection of essays, articles and artworks exploring human interaction with cinema. This issue explores a classic theater's history, a classic movie's memorable line, an extra's extrapolations, and a movie-cular menu. Best of all, it comes with a DVD featuring three shorts that explore the cinematic possibilities of improv in very different ways (that's assuming the proto-Beavis and Butthead in Danny Plotnik's 1980-era Super-8 non-road movie were freeballing their insult comedy). Booth and Grace Tran also put out Sensation,  a mini-comic/mini-women's study cheat sheet about a conceptual feminist Wonder Woman which is oddly pleasant, as feminist Wonder Woman would apparently do a lot more talking, a lot less brawling.

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