Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project "Seriously"

(Smog Veil) Thankfully super sideman/saxual somethin' else-dude Carney is more playful than serious about his jass/jazz/ass on this hootenany of a jump blues/swing/big band/little combo/Andrews Sisters-fetishist/detective jazz/lap steel lap dance par-tay! The SJP's craft a kooky new cannon that features the handiwork of the Duke, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Barnett, Richard Rodgers, and Freddy Mitchell (sadly, they cover FM's toe tapping tribute to Alan Freed and not his boogie-bastic ode to White Sox manager Larry Doby), and it's seriously fun. But overall, this album feels a lot more carny than it does serious...I wonder if in addition to every kinda sax, clarinet, brass and woodwind on god's green earth, Ralph would also consider putting a live chicken head in his piehole? Now that'd be carny!

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