Friday, December 9, 2011

We're All In This Together comp

(Suburban White Trash) it's not surprising that the only ringer on this comp has the most memorable songs. Hearing Dave Dictor rail against rap, hypocrites who chant "U.S.A.!," and (of course) cops (and rail for Tim Yohannan of MRR) would make the MDC tracks here stand out, even if they didn't have a tune that opens with Southern Rock guitar wailing, before gearshifting into soccer hooligan chant punk. But it's not the best stuff here. It's the two Indonesian acts that win this Battle of the Bands. Triple X deliver an earful of joyful Oi-fullness in a killer cut called "Our Noise," and Hanker Hoax Haphazard demonstrate such a gloriously awkward non-mastery of English and punk conventions that it's hard not to get pure joy from them shenanigans. Crackbox and Asspiss also deliver some tasty anarchy. That the album ends up with Dictor doing a moody ballad about the betrayal of corporate sellout punk rockers that is actually eloquent and kind of moving is a surprising bonus. Although it has less bands, this stands alongside the classic hardcore comps of yore as an important slab of dinosaur remains. 

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