Saturday, September 1, 2012

On and Off Bass by Mike Watt

First off, let me start by saying that I have been a fan of The Minutemen and Mike Watt, the person/bass player/philosopher etc etc for a long time. So if this review sounds a bit, er, negative, then it's partly because Watt has set a pretty high standard for most of his stuff. So, here are some things I was thinking while looking at this book. 
Number one: This feels sort of like a punk rock Jonathan Livingston Seagull, mostly because there a lot of photos of pelicans and sea birds and the snippets of text seem to hint at some transformative events. 
Number 2: This book could have just been a series of FaceBook posts. And some of the text extracts (especially those concerning playing with The Stooges) I recognize from having read them before on Mike's web site.
Number 3: People LOVE Mike Watt. The folks that make up the blurbosphere on the back cover (Robert Pollard, Iggy Pop, Jack Black, Richard Meltzer, Lee Ranaldo and more) blow away just about any other author's dust jacket. 
So, anyway, good on ya, Mike Watt. You can add another book to your extensive list of cool accomplishments.

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