Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dave Arvedon “The Best of Dave Arvedon”

(Mighty Mouth) A reissue of my favorite kind of private press record. While the Plastic Crimewaves of the world dream of finding one of the 100 copies of some visionary genius’ psychedelic workout that is more mind expanding than anything San Francisco’s psyche superstars cranked out, when I find a that-don’t-look-right LP in the reject bin my hopes are that it is an idiosyncratic, goofy, novelty record with humor that either succeeds or fails so spectacularly that joy drenches me like the shower in Silkwood. By that criteria, this batch of Boston bizarre-ness (circa 1971, though Arvedon did 60s garage and still records) more than qualifies for my Hall of Freaky Fame. This cornucopia of kookiness includes a streakin’ song, a better basketball tune than Kurtis Blow’s, a pottymouthed ode to the Untouchables, the only non-racist (and the catchiest ever) white pride anthem, and a few functional pop songs that are as good as anything out there (“Find Something Better to Do” and “Roller Coaster Baby” can’t be fucked with). And you have to give Mighty Mouth credit for releasing this record with the original no-frills packaging. Pure weirdness should be kept pure! Again, his “Whitey White” song is not racist…this record is about weird-o purity, not racial purity!

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