Monday, November 26, 2012

Maximumrocknroll #355

( So, this issue is actually more interesting than usual, because it opens with a letters section in which Mykel Board and the editors tussle about MRR's refusal to print one of his columns with some offensive content. What's interesting is that no one seems to be totally wrong, but Board is being civil and sensible addressing this, and the MRR content coordinators are being just as sensible, but kinda dick-ish in tone, especially in dismissing Board's older, less punk-centric readers. Not that they shouldn't be dismissed (they are just writing to rabble rouse because of perceived censorship/injustice without knowing much about the situation), but it's surprising how nasty and judgmental (and not particularly funny) the insults aimed at them are. That said, the current content the content coordinatrs are coordinating is pretty good -- this issue has great interviews with cartoonist Avi Spivak and Alabama/Chicago punk band Breathing Light, a good comic, and all the reviews/scene reports/cool ads you always read MRR for (when you were sixteen). And it has a Mykel Board column about getting his balls sucked. All is right in punk!

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