Thursday, November 1, 2012

Future Hits "Songs for Learning"

(Coach House Sounds) A description to start off: This collection of songs to help kids learn and grow is thoroughly pleasant, but so wicked indie that it could be put in a time capsule to explain to future alien colonizers what 90s-00s indie rock was all about, with its tendencies towards almost melancholy meekness over rock bravado, and a passive tug of war between respect for lo-fi minimalism and reverence for Brian Wilson lushness. i would never imagine any small child would respond to this -- kids like KISS would be my assumption. But every child I play this for is simply entranced, so screw Gene  Simmons! And my inner kid is sold to, I listen to this a lot. And for some reason I no longer play around when crossing the street.

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  1. Future Hits escapes the gravitational pull of Roctober's 2-sentence pun review vortex. ALSO: screw Simmons for so many reasons. Also I agree with the implication here that FH is the best explainer of what indie is (was, if we're in the future). Weird that it didn't end up being Ira Kaplan or any of those guys. Cool that it went to a version of indie that is sincere and committed, not ironic and nonexistent.